The RING team is seeking two outstanding PhD candidates to address research questions in integrative numerical geology. These full-time positions are for a three-year term and shall start in early 2020. The PhD topics outlined below, can be tailored to the interests and experience of the successful candidates. Details are available in this pdf description : PhD Topic description

Application files must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Nov 30th and must include:
- A cover letter,
- A CV, including contact information for two or more referees
- A research outcome (Master’s thesis or paper) written by the candidate
- A transcript of grades

PhD topic 1: Flow-based behavior of channelized sedimentary deposits: analysis and reproduction
   Keywords: Geostatistics, Flow simulation, Machine learning, Channels, Stochastic simulations
   Advisors: Pauline Collon and Guillaume Caumon

PhD topic 2: Local geomodel updating and trans-dimensional flow inverse problems
   Keywords: Inverse problem, Upscaling, Machine learning, Geomodeling, Unstructured meshes.
   Advisors: Guillaume Caumon and Mustapha Zakari
   Collaboration: Thomas Bodin (ENS Lyon)