Plugins for the gOcad software

3D Restoration of  Harvard/Chevron Model [Muron, 2005]

RestorationLab is a research plugin which aims at removing deformations undergone by rocks to get the paleo-geometry of a geological model. It is a great tool able to perform 3D restoration on both implicit and explicit geological models.

Concretely it unfolds and removes the displacement due to the faults. It solves mechanics-based problem using finite element element and Dirichlet/Neumann boundary conditions. This plugin can also decompact a model after removal of a layer using classical porosity laws. Since Gocad 14 this plugin uses RINGMecha, therefore restoration can be applied independently to Gocad by command lines.

Contact : Benjamin P. Chauvin.


RING Team main Gocad/Skua plugin (in development)

logo scube2 SCube is a SKUA-GOCAD plugin to perform stochastic multi-well correlations.

With a set of rules, it computes the cost of the association of each pair of units on two different wells and then outputs the correlation of the wells with the least expensive associations.

The rules that can be chosen are various such as the size of the units, the depth, the facies,... or also the frequence of observation of the association in a training forward model.

It can be used for multi-well correlation and it is possible to automatically build stratigraphic grids from these correlations.


dfn meshFractCar is a module of the gocad software that allow to generate discrete fracture networks. The project aim at characterizing natural fracture network in order to reproduce their organization and connectivity at various scale in fractured reservoir modeling workflow.


Contact: Francois Bonneau



WebExporterLogoWebExporter is a Gocad plugin for exporting structural models into an HTML page. Webgl technology is used to render the structural mode within a web browser.

This method offer a simple and cross-platform way to broadcast 3D geological models. The obtained HTML page is based on Webgl ans ThreeJS Javascript libraries.

A similar functionality is implemented within the RINGMesh library.

GRGGraphics is the RING base graphics plugins. Its aim is to host all changes to the main SKUA-GOCAD graphics classes.

Main features:

- Visualization of iso-surfaces on Gocad's tetrahedral meshes (TSolids). Cross-sections or iso-surfaces can be added or modified from the object tree, for instance to visualize implicit surfaces.

- Allows users and developpers to use custom shader programs to visualize classic gocad objects (points, lines, surfaces, grids).


python powered w 200x80Use the python language in Gocad.


Contact: Christophe Antoine

structural modelingBuilding 3D geological surfaces from field data using implicit surfaces on tetrahedral meshes.

StructuralLab includes various interpolation contraints to create implicit structural surfaces from location data, orientation data, axial data about folds. It also implements a dip domains approach.

GoNURBS is a plugin developped for sedimentary objects modelling

GoNURBS includes:

  • a library of sedimentary objects, modelled with NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines). Such objects are grid-free and deformable [Ruiu et al, 2013] 
  • a method of semi-automatic image analysis permitting a quick and precise interpretation of sedimentary objects from a seismic published in the journal Interpretation in 2015 [Ruiu et al, 2015]
  • tools for a complete workflow of channelized system modeling respecting the geological concepts and integrating conditioning data which is under implementation and reflexion and has been presented in the 2015 Ring Meeting by Parquer et al (2015).

GoNURBS is currently managed by Marion Parquer. For more information, contact her.



ConnectO is a plug-in for the SKUA-GOCAD software to simulate channelized systems and analyze categorical realization quality.

FaultModFaultMod is a Gocad plugin for modeling faults, fault networks and related uncertainties.

Building geological models is always an underconstrained process. A large part of the uncertainty is carried by faults because faults zone are poorly imaged in seismic. Furthermore faults dramatically impacts fluid flows and building models cohrent with geological concepts and knowledge is a key to increase models quality when few data are available. FaultMod offers several tools to integrate geological concepts in the modeling workflows.

KarstMod is a plugin developped for 3D karstic network simulations. It is currently available on the Gocad 2009.4 platform and will soon be moved to Gocad 2014.