Speaker(s): Guillaume Caumon

Date: Thursday 20th of June 2019

Location: room G201, ENSG, Nancy


In this bibliographic seminar, I will present some recent work on structural uncertainty done in Nice (Thea Ragon's PhS) and UWA (Evren Pakyuz-Charrier's paper). Ragon proposes a way to include fault geometric uncertainty when inverting seismic rupture models from interferometry (SAR) data. Pakyuz-Charrier proposes a topological distance to cluster stochastic structural models obtained by data perturbation and implicit modeling.
In the seminar, I will summarize and discuss these two approaches.
Docs: https://www.solid-earth-discuss.net/se-2019-78/#discussion
Et https://academic-oup-com.insu.bib.cnrs.fr/gji/article/214/2/1174/4996353