Margaux Raguenel  (President)

Nicolas Clausolles (Treasurer)

Modeste Irakarama (Secretary)

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Find here the list of seminars, past and future, IAMG Student Chapter organized.


Field-trip in Val de Travers (Switzerland, 8th - 12th July 2017)

Eleven members of the RING Team (1 professor, 2 associate professors, 2 research engineers and 6 PhD students members of the IAMG student chapter) discovered the geology of this area. The main objectives of this trip were to discover our co workers in a different context (team building), to discover real geological objects as the team’s main focus is on their numerical representation, and to create an emulation environment for scientific discussions.








A 7 minute movie presenting BIOMOre project has been released.
You'll find it here on the BIOMOre website.

BIOMOre is an European H2020 project for developing bio-in-situ-leaching of Copper ore.

 Interested in the BIOMore project? Follow it here:

BIOMOre movie link




This week, Yanis was with us at the RING team lab to discover numerical geology.

During his 3 day internship, he modeled the Solar System in 3D using Three.js


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28th and 29th Ocotober Benjamin Chauvin and Antoine Mazuyer will present mechanics-based restoration and fault representation with damage zone and fault core at the conference organized by the Geological Society of London (GSL).