Taoufik Ait Ettajer

Geometrical modeling of geological surfaces is a promising research area, aimed to represent complex geological surfaces. The classical C.A.D: methods are not well adapted to model those complex surfaces, for that reason Professor Mallet introduced a new approach for modeling natural surfaces in the frame of the gOcad project. This project is based on a new interpolation method called D.S.I : (Discrete Smooth Interpolation).

My work consisted of developing a set of geometrical tools for the automatic building of geological model, in the frame of the gOcad projet. Among those tools, I will present the computation of the isovalue lines, and the geometrical modeling of the faults. The new approach for the computation of the isovalue lines is fast and accurate even if the surface is complex (for example presenting holes). The modeling of a fault consists in building a surface and characterization of the fault-horizon relationship, thanks to three geometrical D.S.I : constraints : OnTsurf, VecLink and OnBorder. The tools provided by the gOcad project will be used for creating a prototype of the automatic builder of geological models.




Taoufik Ait Ettajer and Jean Laurent Mallet.
in: 56th EAEG Meeting, European Association of Geoscientists \& Engineers



Taoufik Ait Ettajer and Yveline Chipot.
in: 5th gOcad Meeting, ASGA
in: 6th gOcad Meeting, ASGA