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Team circles 2023

 Photo credits: Julie Noury Soyer 

PostDoc opportunities

PostDoc applications for 2024 are now open - Deadline: July 15.

We welcome Post Doc researchers who are interested in working on RING's research topics and we support funding applications to Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Actions, Fond National Suisse, and others. Find out more about RING's technologies and publications.

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Two-year postdoc position at University of Lorraine (France) 
Tetrahedral mesh updating for subsurface modeling: line and finite surface insertion.


PhD opportunities

PhD applications for 2024 are now closed

Project #1: Seismic wave propagation in multi-scale fractured media

Project #2: Stochastic fault and fracture modelling: towards a new model for 3D seismic interpretation