Melchior Schuh-senlis

Research Topics

  • Mechanical simulations of the subsurface using Stokes viscous flow (creeping flow) equations
  • Geomechanical simulation of the formation of salt diapirs and faults
  • Application to geomechanical restoration

About the PhD

The Earth's subsurface is the result of billions of years of deformation. In order to study it and the possible ressources inside it, one must understand its changes through time. In petroleum geosciences particularly, the history of a basin, through the type of rocks in the layers and their shapes, will directly affect its possible economical interest. The tectonic history of a geological domain also yields a great influence on these matters, which is why it is important to be able to quantitatively assess it, both in forward and in backward modelling.

This PhD aims at developping new methods for the mechanical simulation of geological bodies at the scale of a sedimentary basin. The idea is to use Creeping Flow equations to model the movement of salt and rock layers, as well as faults, at time scales of hundred thousands of years to millions of years. The numerical methods used were focused on Finite Element schemes associated with Particle In Cell methods.

The PhD was defended on March 23rd, the video is available online at:

Related codes

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  • RINGGrid
  • RINGMesh
  • RINGMecha
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