RING Consortium

The RING Consortium welcomes companies, universities and research institutes who want to:

  • Advance the state of the art of subsurface modeling at basin and reservoir scales.
  • Contribute to research and technology in subsurface data and knowledge integration.
  • Support training of graduate students in geoscience and software development. 
  • Get early access to RING research outputs through consortium paperssoftware and trainings.
  • Connect with colleagues in IOC's, NOC's, vendors and academic community during the annual RING Meeting
  • Collaborate on topics of mutual interest
  • Get presentation / publications opportunities (RING Meeting, collaborative publications)
  • Participate and vote at the Consortium Steering Committee
  • Develop training and recruitment opportunities
  • Access executable and source of RING software. RING software can be integrated royalty free in proprietary products by industrial sponsors (more details).

The Consortium is administered by ASGA (Association scientifique pour la Géologie et ses Applications), a not-for profit organization authorized for Crédit-Impôt Recherche tax (tax deduction under French law).

Three types of Consortium membership levels exist. Please feel free to contact us is you have any question.


RING is currently funded by a worldwide consortium of universities and companies comprising both international and national oil companies and service providers.

12 Companies:

schlumberger  ccremersonandraaramcototalchevronequinorexxonifppetrobrasrepsol

135 Universities: