Paul Marchal

PhD Thesis (2022-2025)

Title:  Data constrained stochastic modelling of alteration & mineralization envelope structure : methodology & application to Athabasca uranium deposits

Keywords:  Stochastic modelling, alteration, mineralization, structure, Athabasca uranium deposits

Supervisors: Guillaume Caumon (RING Team), Pauline Collon (RING Team)

This study proposes to approach the modelling of faults/fractures based on a hybrid approach between pixel-based and object-based methods.

The principle of object-based methods is to generate geological objects defined by parametric equations (e.g. a fault is a line of length l1 with an ellipsoidal alteration halo of width l2 ...). This principle ensures geological realism by building an explicit model of the geometry of the objects.

Pixel-based methods are based on a matrix filling of properties and offer a better conditionning to the data at the cost of geological consistency.

The proposed hybrid approach aims to provide a methodology for stochastic modeling of the structure of alteration envelopes and mineralization, constrained by drilling data, as well as an estimate of the uncertainty on the position of structures.


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Guillaume Caumon and Florent Lallier and Jonathan Edwards and Gabriel Godefroy and Paul Baville and Christophe Antoine and Paul Marchal and Cédric Carpentier and Marcus Apel and Silvan Hoth and Jean Borgomano and François Fournier and Sophie Viseur.
in: Transitions num{\'e}riques en g{\'e}ologie de l'ing{\'e}nieur, Comit{\'e} Fran{\c c}ais de G{\'e}ologie de l'Ing{\'e}nieur et de l'Environnement