Guillaume Caumon

Research interests

  • Geomodeling: model validity, meshing, construction and editing.
  • Uncertainty assessment and inverse problems
  • Volume visualization
  • Geostatistics and data analysis


Guillaume Caumon has a background in quantitative geosciences and computer programming. He holds a MSc degree (Diplome d'ingénieur and DEA) from the Nancy School of Geology (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie), an a PhD and Habilitation in Geosciences from INPL.

He was a postdoctoral scholar in at the Petroleum Engineering Dept. of Stanford University in 2003-2004. He was visiting professor at the Center for Wave Phenomena at Colorado School of Mines during spring and summer 2015.

He is currently the Nancy School of Geology Professor in Geomodeling at Université de Lorraine - GeoRessources, where he teaches theoretical and applied geomodeling, geostatistics, field work and C++ programming. 

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Contact Information

E-Mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone number:+33 (0)383 59 64 40
Cell:+33 (0)679 81 85 75
ENSG office number:G205

Main Publications


Xinming Wu and Zhicheng Geng and Yunzhi Shi and Nam Pham and Sergey Fomel and Guillaume Caumon.
in: Geophysics, 85:4 (WA27--WA39)
Mattia Martinelli and Andrea Bistacchi and Silvia Mittempergher and Francois Bonneau and Fabrizio Balsamo and Guillaume Caumon and Marco Meda.
in: Journal of Structural Geology, 140
Pauline Mourlanette and Pierre Biver and Philippe Renard and Beno{\^i}t N{\oe}tinger and Guillaume Caumon and Yassine Alexandre Perrier.
in: Advances in Water Resources, 143 (103665)


in: Boundary Elements and Other Mesh Reduction Methods XXXXI, pages 189-199, WIT Press, Southhampton, UK
Gaetan Bardy and Pierre Biver and Guillaume Caumon and Philippe Renard.
in: Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 176 (116-125)
in: 81st {{EAGE Conference}} and {{Exhibition}} 2019 {{Workshop Programme}}, {EAGE}