Gabriel Godefroy

Kinematic and stochastic fault modeling from sparse data for structural uncertainty analysis

Research interests:

  • Structural geology
  • Uncertainty modeling
  • Kinematic fault modeling
  • My Ph.D. work (stochastic and kinematic fault modeling) is implemented within the FaultMod2 SKUA-Gocad plugin.


  • WebGL / Three.JS / C++: synthetic faulted structures built with my kinematic operator are available here: atlas.html
  • Badminton

Ph.D. manuscript short abstract:

The subsurface is largely inaccessible to direct observations. Geologists interpret the available data (that are often ambiguous or sparse) using their geological prior knowledge. In my Ph.D. manuscript, I focus on uncertainties related to the modeling of faulted structures from sparse data. These structural uncertainties impact resources exploration and production, waste storage or ground engineering hazards. I propose a method relying on graph theory and on numerical rules (representing the geological knowledge) to generate several interpretation scenarios from the available evidence. I also present a numerical fault operator that deforms preexisting geological structures in accordance with a theoretical displacement model. This kinematic modeling strategy improves the quality of 3D structural models when only few observations are available.


Contact Information

E-Mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cell:+33 (0)3 83 59 64 16
ENSG office number:G201

Phd Thesis

Kinematic and stochastic fault modeling from sparse data for structural uncertainty analysis





Anne-Laure Argentin and Gabriel Godefroy and Laurent Gautier.
in: 2016 RING Meeting, ASGA


Gabriel Godefroy and H. Michel and E. Seigneur and Arnaud Botella and Francois Bonneau.
in: 35th Gocad Meeting - 2015 RING Meeting, ASGA


Pauline Collon and Alexandre Pichat and Océane Favreau and Gaétan Fuss and Gabriel Godefroy and Marine Lerat and Antoine Mazuyer and Marion Parquer and Guillaume Caumon and Julien Charreau and Jean-Paul Callot and Jean-Claude Ringenbach.
in: Proc. 34th Gocad Meeting, Nancy, France, pages 3