webinar by François Bonneau 



Abstract : 
Fractures are very common 3D mechanical discontinuities which need to be considered to build predictive models regarding rock physical behavior.In hydrocarbon reservoirs, fracturesoften lead to lower observed recovery rates than model-based forecasts. One of the reasons for this lack of model predictivity lies in the simplifying geometric assumptions of equivalent permeability models.Nowadays, considering actual energy transition challenges such as CO2 storage or geothermal heat recovery, it is still crucial to enhance the characterization and the modeling of fractures.  

The RING-Team has a strong expertise in fracture characterization and Discrete Fracture Network Simulation. This knowledge is supported by software developed to be combined with appropriate meshing and physical simulator tools (partly designed by the RING-Team) to take another step toward a stochastic based workflow and better structural uncertainties assessment.

In the current webinar, you will learn about:

  1. Software: overview of applications and trainings you can use as a RING Sponsor.
  2. Fracture Characterization: focus on spatial organization of Fracture Network.  
  3. Next steps: ongoing developments and workflow integration.

Webinar fractures Feb2022