Laurent 2016 epsl
We are please to announce our new publication in Earth and Planetary Science Letters.
Download the paper here (free access until the 21st of December)!

Title: Implicit Modeling of Folds and Overprinting Deformation
Authors: Gautier Laurent, Laurent Ailleres, Lachlan Grose, Guillaume Caumon, Mark Jessell, Robin Armit
Full bibliographic details: Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2016), pp. 26-38
DOI information: 10.1016/j.epsl.2016.09.040
Authors from Ring team: Gautier Laurent and Guillaume Caumon
Article page: Implicit modeling of folds and overprinting deformation

In collaboration with Monash Structural Geophysics Group. Thanks fellas!

In a few words: This paper presents a new approach to modelling complex geometries of folded and poly-deformed statigraphy
and extends the range of structural data that can be used in classical implicit geological modellers.
We hope it will catch the interest of both structural geologists and geomodellers.
This paper is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Monash University, where Gautier Laurent spent two years for his post-doc.

To download it until the 21st of December:,Ig45a4v
Please don't hesitate to spread the news.

Laurent 2016 EPSL abstract