Parquer 2019 pub petit

In this paper, the second one written in the frame of Marion Parquer's thesis and published in Geomophology, we propose a new method to reconstruct 3D channelized systems from incomplete observations made on surface or subsurface images that integrates the uncertainty on meander abandonment chronology. This method allows to propose various scenarios of meander belt abandonments, and thus of channel evolution and resulting 3D architecture. The method is demonstrated on a seismic slice of the McMurray formation (Canada).

Paper freely downloadable here :

Parquer, M., Caumon, G., & Collon, P. (2019). Integration of channel meander abandonment age uncertainty into a stochastic channelized system reconstruction method. Geomorphology, 345, 106824. DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2019.07.011