A seminar by Agathe Carbonie at ENSG, Nancy, room G201

On Friday 24th of November, 1:00 pm.

Geological structural models (geomodels) representing the subsurface, individualize structures such as rock units or fault compartments.
In order to use these models for mesh based numerical simulations, their meshes must integrate these structures. Indeed, it allows to store consistent physical properties in each compartments and differentiate locally the rock mechanical properties.

We propose a method to update a geomodel by cutting its mesh elements. We implemented for this a version of the marching tetrahedra algorithm that keeps the mesh tetrahedral. This work has been developed with an implicit modeling framework where geological objects are represented as iso-values of a 3D scalar
field. Therefore, expliciting iso-surfaces within an implicit geological model can be useful for visualization and giving a boundary representation to the model.

The method starts with a purely tetrahedral mesh model. The mesh elements are first cut by an iso-value of an implicit property. Then the geomodel is updated,  replacing the cut components by the individualized ones.
This work opens new perspectives for automatic mesh simplification and for incremental structural modeling. The module has been implemented in SCAR library using RINGMesh geomodels.