Speaker(s): DU KOU

Date: Thursday 06th February 2020 - 1:00 pm

Location: Meeting room, ENSG Bat E, Nancy.


One of the most important subjects in mechanics of materials is to describe the macroscopic behaviours by considering the evolution of the complex microstructures and matrix anisotropy. It is especially for the porous composite geomaterials relating to the propagation of the micro-cracks and the growth of the micro-voids, which enormously affect their damage process. In our work, we are firstly interested in the microporoelastic modelling in order to estimate the effective properties of the studied geomaterials by taking into account the microstructure and matrix anisotropy. It is actually important for the derivation of micromechanical damage models that will be next realized in order to carry out the phase field modeling in the second part of this thesis.