Speaker: Guillaume Caumon

Date: Thursday 11th of February 2021, 1:20 pm.


In this seminar, I will present some work recently done in collaboration with Equinor on the use of magnetostratigraphic data to better constrain the ages of formations in the Central Graben. For this, we used individual correlation to 5 wells to the geomagnetic polarity time scale (GPTS) using the Cupydon code (Lallier et al, EPSL 2013). As the recorded series are relatively short, we also started to use magnetic chrons to constrain log-based multi-well correlation. The ultimate goal is to use these correlation results to create a composite magnetostratigraphic series that could be matched to the GPTS. Significant uncertainty yet exists about the results, as no external dating constraints are available. I will suggest some avenues for improving the methods and discuss some sources of uncertainty in the process.