Speaker: Luyu Wang

Date: Thursday 23rd of September 2021, 1:15 pm.


In this presentation, firstly, discrete fractures and their stochastic generations based on key geometrical parameters are presented. After a short revisit of hierarchical modelling, Discrete Fracture Modeling (DFM) on unstructured grids is introduced. According to the concept of DFM, a hybrid-dimensional scheme for fluid flow simulation is devised with adaptive iteration. The hybrid-dimensional objects are depicted in porous media, with high contrast hydraulic properties. Then, a mixed-finite-element (FE) scheme is presented to handle contact mechanics on fractures using Lagrange multipliers (LMs) in the framework of constrained variational principle. In contrast to standard-FE, LMs are introduced in the expanded system as an additional unknown. Later, FE-cohesive zone model is presented as an alternative method to mechanical simulation. Finally, several numerical tests are performed to study fluid flow as well as geomechanics of fractured media using the developed numerical schemes.