Speaker: Jeremie Giraud

Date: Thursday 17th of February 2022, 1:15 pm.


In this seminar, I will present recent development from the GeoMos project. The current objective is to develop and test methodologies using automated geological modelling to ensure the geological consistency of geophysical inversion results using implicit approaches. I will present recent developments comprising the investigation of two strategies reconciling geological and geophysical modelling through: (i) the use of stratigraphic rules in geophysical inversion to stir inversion towards models honoring geological information such as stratigraphic thickness and contacts; (ii) the use of age relationships to recover measurements characterizing an unconformity. In the first case, a geological correction term is used in the inversion’s model update at each iteration, thereby adjusting the geophysical model accordingly with geological rules and data. In the second case, geological realism in inversion is encouraged by embedding automatic geological modelling in the geophysical inversion’s objective function. Preliminary results on synthetic data indicate that the approaches investigated here offer a certain degree of flexibility and can effectively leverage geological data and knowledge to derive geologically consistent geophysical inverse models.