Speaker: Behshad Koohbor

Date: Thursday 2nd of February 2023, 2:30pm.


The modelling of flow, mass/heat/phase transport in fractured porous media is of great interest to engineers and geoscience researchers. As a young researcher with a growing research career, I have been greatly interested in the general topic of environmental fluid mechanics (i.e. with a focus on mathematical modelling and regards to experimental studies) I would like to present my educational and research background, current activity and future research perspectives. The first part of the presentation will be on my research project during my Ph.D. studies at the University of Strasbourg on the topic of simulation of seawater intrusion and flow in variably saturated fractured porous media. Then, a brief description of my postdoctoral research project at BRGM (the French Geological Survey), Orleans, France will be presented. The topic mainly focuses on the numerical and experimental study of the evolution of electrical resistivity and multiphase flow in porous media for the monitoring of contamination and remediation of NAPLs. The second part of the presentation will be related to one of the projects that I am involved in HydroSciences Montpellier related to the numerical application of hydro-geophysics in karst media. And finally, a few insights related to my personal future research interests related to developing an ensemble of criteria for choosing the most relevant approach when simulating flow and transport processes in fractured porous media.