Speaker: Amandine Fratani

Date: Thursday 23th of February 2023, 1:15pm.


The CO2 storage interests several industries to reduce their net carbone missions. Therefore, reservoir simulation methods need to be adapted to the injection of CO2, in particular on unstructured grids to allow a geomechanical coupling. For three years, TotalEnergies has been developing a workflow for fluid flow simulation on unstructured grids. This presentation focuses on the addition of analytical aquifer in the workflow. Analytical aquifers are one method used to consider the behaviour of water outside the reservoir. Several analytical aquifers can be implemented, we only focus on the implementation of radial analytical aquifers in a ParaView plugin. Faults were already implemented in the workflow, but some modifications on this part were performed in order to bring consistency between the different parts. Finally, two applications are proposed. The first is a synthetic oil production case, which showed that the workflow is working as expected. In this case, aquifer behaviour in presence of fault is checked and a sensitivity analysis of the Carter-Tracy parameters is made. Some additional work remains to obtain the same results between the various grid types. The second application is a CO2 injection in a ‘’real’’ model, showing interesting results not fully understood yet.