Speaker: Baptiste Rousset

Date: Wednesday 21st of February 2024, 1:15pm.


Like earthquakes, transient slow slip events participate in the release of accumulated strain at plate boundaries. They occur in various tectonic contexts including shallow creeping sections of strike slip faults, the brittle ductile transition of subduction zones in concurrence with tectonic tremors and the seismogenic part of subduction zones, sometimes associated with seismicity. In this talk, I will present the advantages and limits of geodesy techniques including GNSS, InSAR and tiltmeters, to characterize slow slip events in these various contexts through three case studies. The first one will be on the Izmit section of the north Anatolian Faults in Turkey, the second on the Mexico subduction zone and the third on the Sagami trough in Japan. I will finally present an ongoing project to measure the transient aseismic deformation associated with deep geothermal wells in Alsace.