Speaker: Thomas Bodin

Date: Thursday 11th of April 2024, 1:15pm.


Earth sciences are by essence multidisciplinary as different fields study the same objects and processes at different scales. In seismology, the challenge is that tomographic models constructed from long period seismograms only “sees” the crust and the mantle as an effective medium, where the smallest scales are given by the resolution power of seismic waves. On the other hand, geodynamics and geochemistry “see” the Earth as a mixture of different chemical components, with the smallest scales given by chemical diffusion. In this presentation, I will show how modern tools from inverse theory, computational statistics, and data science can surpass qualitative interpretations of results obtained separately in different fields. Within a Bayesian framework, we will propose a fully probabilistic approach to explore the ensemble of small-scale earth models compatible with a set of observations and constraints.