Judith Sausse



3D MODELING and RESERVOIR GEOPHYSICS fractured rock masses – reservoir scale

Geometrical and structural characterization of fracture networks, spatial and statistic distributions. All well log analysis and and general reservoir geophysics and petrophysics, 3D seismic interpretation, VSP.

PETROPHYSICS Porosities, Permeabilities and hydraulic laws – sample scale

Porosity and permability analysis and measurements. Natural fracture walls characterization (roughness, tortuosity). Hydraulic, mechanical and geometrical openings of fractures. Evolution of petrophysical parameters in function of fluid-rock interactions. RX tomography.

GEOTHERMY  "Enhanced Geothermal Systems" – multiscale fracture reservoirs

The EGS Soultz-sous-Forêts more than 10 years experience

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