Gautier Laurent

Modelling Hydrothermal Mineral Deposits by Simulating Reactive Transport on 4D Structural Models

This project aims at developing new approaches to modelling of complex hydrothermal ore deposits.
The expected results of this project would be advances on the method for producing spatialised quantitative models, that would typically be used in mineral exploration. In this process we consider that for a given modelled deposit, a metallogenic model has already been established by previous studies and we want to incorporate it in the modelling process.

We advocate for a holistic approach covering all the main factors that contribute to the deposition of minerals of interest, that is simulating:

  1. The geological structures (Faults, Folds, Fractures...).
  2. The hydrothermal fluid flows.
  3. The reactive transport.

PhD Research topic

The research carried during my PhD studies were based on the idea that introducing more geological concepts, as soon as possible in the modelling workflow, would improve the resulting models and better constrain the uncertainties that are associated with it. I have been trying to complement or develop new techniques for taking account of geological history and mechanical aspects while modeling geological structures.

Three aspects were developed :

  • The computation of chrono-stratigraphic coordinates from restoration vectors (plugin: Chronostrat).
  • A parametric model of fault-related displacements for creating or editing models (plugin: VFSD).
  • A light deformable model for editing and direct modelling (plugin: Reed).


Contact Information

E-Mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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