Mustapha Zakari


Research Topics:

  • Upscaling methods for modelling fractured porous medium and multipĥase flow on unstructured meshes
  • Geomorphology: Ice sheet Flow, Subsidence
  • Web developper of CREp the Cosmic Ray Exposure Program

Two phase flow simulations in a fractured 2D reservoir using different fracture discretization strategies (collaboration with Pierre Anquez)

Two phase flow in fractured media (DFN from collaboration with Pierre Anquez)


E cel
Volume then surface plasma discharges. Magnitude of electric field in a ionization wave. Results obtained with an triangular+quadrangular mesh and a CVFEM+FCT based numerical scheme.

After completing his PhD in Plasma Physics Modeling, Mustapha Zakari worked as a postdoc in High Performance Computing for Devinci Labs and Bull/ATOS in Paris. He worked there on the parallelization on Bullion of a numerical model of the magneto-elastic behavior of ferromagnetic materials (C ++, 3D Unstructured Finite Elements with Adaptive Mesh Refinment). Mustapha was then recruited at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris as a Research Engineer in Scientific Computing. He worked there on new High Performance Computing (HPC) numerical models of mantle convection, landscape evolution, hydrothermal circulation and solar magnetism. He then joined the Institut Jean Le Rond D'Alembert (Paris 6) where he also worked for the CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies) and Ecole Centrale de Lyon on different simulation methods for the propagation of infrasonic acoustic waves in the Earth's atmosphere. Mustapha has joined the RING team in january 2018 as a CNRS Research Engineer in Numerical methods for Geosciences. At RING his researches focus on upscaling methods for subsurface porous flow modelling. Different upscaling and flow modelling methods are being analysed in order to develop new methods able to generate coarse scale corner point and unstructured grids for flow simulation while taking account for many geological details like fractures, faults and heterogeneities. 

Two phase flow simulation in a fractured 3D reservoir: water saturation and water cut

fracflow3d MZ

Porous flow simulation on Flow based upscaled grids with unstructured-structured grids intersections.

 cube diag upscaled

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