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I am a third year PhD student, graduate from an engineering School specialized in Geophysics (EOST -- Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre). In the beginning of my PhD thesis, I started to work on the association problem when dealing with fault observations on 2-D seismic cross-sections (a work Gabriel Godefroy did in his PhD thesis). After that, I started to work on my main research topic which consists of quantifying the uncertainty related to fault interpretation on seismic data using marked point processes.

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PhD Thesis

Title : Stochastic seismic structural interpretation of geological faults

Seismic interpretation aims at identifying geological features on seismic images. To help interpreters, advanced methods have been developed in signal processing and machine learning to automatically deliver seismic interpretation. Synthetic images with a conventional neural network has shown convincing results. However, this method, like other classical seismic interpretation methods, is designed only to produce the best possible structural interpretation. But very often, seismic images contain areas with uncertainties that can lead to interpretation ambiguities. Such uncertainties have consequences, for instance when it comes to analyse the obtained interpretation, which can lead to inconsistency on a reservoir compartmentalization.
To address this problem, the proposed project aims at building a stochastic modelling approach using seismic amplitudes and prior geological knowledge in study media, in order to produce a wide range of possible structural models. This method would start directly with seismic images and would not involve interpretation picks.

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Cell:+33 (0)7 51 32 52 51
ENSG office number:G209
Personal Web Site:https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabrice-taty-moukati



Fabrice Taty-Moukati and Guillaume Caumon and Radu Stoica and Francois Bonneau and X. Wu.
in: Fifth EAGE Conference on Petroleum Geostatistics, pages 1-5, European Association of Geoscientists \& Engineers
Fabrice Taty-Moukati and Radu S Stoica and Francois Bonneau and Xinming Wu and Guillaume Caumon.
in: 2023 {RING} meeting, pages 30, ASGA