Marius Rapenne

Phd Topic: Homogenization of Sedimentary Basin for the Estimation of Seismic Risk


Third year PhD student, I'm working on homogenization of sedimentary basin for seismic risk estimation.

Wave propagation are a powerful tool for risk assessment as they are able to, with a good representation of the underground, accuratly represent a wavefield and it's effect at the surface. However their numerical cost is often expensive due to the geological complexity of the underground. The geological setting has to be accuretly modeled in order to have an accurate simulation but this often makes the mesh complicated with small disformed element which result in a small simulation time step that greatly increase the numerical cost.
A solution is the homogenization method which allow to compute a smooth effective model which greatly reduce the geological complexity while keeping the simulation accurate.
During my PhD I developped a 2D adaptive meshing and mesh optimization algorithm, SmoothQuad, dedicated for smooth media in order to reduce the computational cost and is currently working on the adaptive homogenization part, which aim at having the homogenized solution more accurate toward the free surface.

Contact Information

E-Mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ENSG office number:G209



Aurélie Scuotto and Marius Rapenne and Paul Cupillard and Guillaume Caumon.
in: 2023 {RING} meeting, pages 14, ASGA