Pauline Collon

Research Topics

  • Characterization and modelling of connected geobodies (karstic networks, channnelized systems...)
  • Case study developments
  • Hydrogeochemistry of Post-Mining
  • Modeling of water-rock interaction at basin scale


Pauline joined the RING in September 2007, as an Associate Professor in Numerical Geology. Pauline did a PhD in Nancy on reactive fluid transport applied to the water quality after the flooding of iron mines in Lorraine. She has then teached hydrogeology, GIS and geosciences 2 years in Strasbourg (ENGEES) and 2 years in the University of Reims (URCA) before joining our group.

Her work is dedicated to the development of novel methodologies for the modelling of reservoirs characterized by a complex geometry, like flooded mines, karstic networks or channelized systems. Whatever the studied object, the concern is to find new solutions allowing to reproduce one or several natural processes (e.g., hydrochemistry in flooded mines) or geometries (karstic networks, channels) by combining field/laboratory data and theoretical concepts. The aim is not to find the exact theoretical solution but to find solutionS that account for the observed reality, its complexity and the associated uncertainties. Her research activities are thus at a crossroads between numerical geology, geomodelling, hydrogeology and hydrochemistry, geostatistics.

Contact Information

E-Mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone number:(+33) 3 72 74 45 23
ENSG office number:G207

Main Publications


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