Marion Parquer

Research Topics

  • Characterization of channel migration
  • Simulation of channnelized systems
  • Conditioning to subsurface data (e.g. paleo-geometries, wells)


Marion started her PhD in 2014 under the supervision of Pauline Collon and Guillaume Caumon. She is graduated from the Nancy School of Geology (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie).

Her work is dedicated to the simulation and conditioning of sedimentary objects. She developed a reverse migration simulation method of channelized systems which conditions to subsurface data such as oxbow lakes. These migration simulation rules stem from a Mississippi database. Conditioning to paleo-geometries such as oxbow lakes is done through their integration into the reverse migrated path at their abandonment period. However, the estimation of the abandonment period of a paleo-meander and relatively to the other abandoned paths can be difficult. Most of the time, only local chronologies are directly observable on data. A method of simulation of chronology of the observed structures has been developed. This technique permits, while conditioning to the local observed relative chronology, to propose possible global chronologies of abandonment of the structures observed on data.

Plugins related to this PhD: GoNURBS

Phd Thesis

Reverse-time modeling of channelized meandering systems from geological observations






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