Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Edwards who sucessfully defended his PhD on the 27th of October 2017! You can have a look at the video (in French):



We thank the PhD committee for their stimulating comments: Emmanuelle Vennin and Jean Borgomano were reviewers, Cécile Robin  examiner and Brigitte Doligez is invited. Jonathan was advised by Guillaume Caumon, Florent Lallier from Total and Cédric Carpentier.

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The paper presented by Paul Cupillard at the SEG 85th annual meeting was ranked in the top 31 papers!

julio smallOn the June 23th , 2015, Charline Julio presents her work on conditioning in stochastic structural modeling.

Marischal College A.resizedFrom the 11th of May to the 28th of August, Jonathan Edwards is visiting the Geoscience Research Center of Total E&P UK in Aberdeen.


In the frame of a sabbatical, Guillaume Caumon visits the Center for Wave Phenomena as an invited Professor at Colorado School of Mines. He primarily works with Dave Hale and Xinmin Wu on establishing a connection between seismic interpretation and well correlation.

ruiu smallDate: June 9th 2015, 2:30pm, Salle Gallé (Présidence, Brabois)

TopicModeling of sedimentary structures and application to simulation and image analysis.

DSC02300When? April 13th 2015

EGU in Vienna