Speaker(s): Pierre Anquez

Date: Tuesday 21st of February 2019

Location: room G201, ENSG, Nancy


In this work in collaboration with the MouvGS team of the CEREMA (Sophia-Antipolis), we study site effects in the lower Var valley near Nice. We propose to simulate plane wave propagation in a SW-NE cross-section using Discontinuous Galerkin FE solver. To do so, we need a triangular mesh of the cross-section. Due to tangential contacts and thin layers, the quality of the mesh is poor : some triangles are very flat leading us to decrease time discretization for the simulations. As a consequence, the computation time of simulations severely increases. A 6-second wave propagation simulation on this model takes us more than 18 days ! This is completely impractical.
In this seminar, I will show strategies of model simplifications, using manual and automatic methods, with the aim of decreasing the computation time. We propose different models and we make a comparison of simulations results using these models.