Speaker(s): {mattia martinelli}

Date: Thursday 7th of March 2019

Location: room G201, ENSG, Nancy


Outcrop analogues have an important role in hydrocarbon exploration and reservoir characterization, because they can help filling the gap between seismic and borehole scale. In this seminary, I will present the results from our project in the Gozo Island (Maltese Archipelago). Here, a Late Oligocene-Early Messinian carbonatic sequence, composed by different types of carbonates, was affected by two main extensional tectonic : i) NW-SE extension during the Aquitanian ii) N-S extension from the Middle Miocene onward. These tectonic events instigated the formation of a complex fracture network, that was investigated using 3D Digital Outcrop Models (DOM) based on photogrammetric drone surveys, and extracted from key outcrops in different units. It allowed us to quantitatively characterize fracture parameters within different mechanic/stratigraphic facies. All this information were used to reconstruct the fracture pattern variability at the scale of the whole island. The next step of this work will be to realize a DFN model using the obtained fracture parameters.