Speaker: Luyu Wang

Date: Thursday 12th of May 2022, 1:15 pm.


In a geological repository, percolation of gas through clay rock may generate an expansion of the conductive pathways, which will lead to a localized displacement of water away from these paths. To this end, this work investigates the hydromechanical coupling during gas migration in saturated porous media. A mesoscopic model based on the multiple relaxation time Lattice Boltzmann Method (MRT-LBM) and the spring model is proposed, in which the interpolated bounce-back (IBB) boundary is applied to capture the exact displacement of the deformable pore walls with irregular shapes. We propose a numerical assessment of this non-conforming method, coupling IBB and LBM, by comparing with the reference solution obtained on the boundary-conforming grid. The impact of grid resolution on accuracy is discussed for single- and two-phase flow conditions.