Speaker: Gloria Arienti

Date: Thursday 19th of May 2022, 1:15 pm.


Introduction to the geomodelling workflow that is being used to build the new 3D structural model of the Italian North-Western Alps. Input data are represented by structural surveys and detailed geological mapping, defining a truly 3D dataset that compensates for the absence of subsurface data thanks to important differences in elevation of 3-4 km, from valley floors to mountain summits. Our modelling workflow is based on a first step of conceptual modelling in vertical cross-sections, based on classical and sound structural concepts, followed by interpolation with implicit and explicit surface algorithms. In our area, geological complexity is given by several finite faults, internal to the model, that intersect each other as the result of multiple brittle deformation events. The basement units are also interested by polyphase ductile tectonics: isoclinal and cuspate-lobate folds, polyphasic folds, and other structures that produce great thickness variations of the lithological bodies.