Speaker: Massimiliano Schiavo

Date: Thursday 19th of October 2023, 1:15pm.


Groundwater pathways are permeable corridors where major subsurface discharges are conveyed. The ability to identify preferential groundwater pathways is crucial for a proper understanding of complex hydrogeological systems. These can be identified within a probabilistic framework upon two main ways of thinking, i.e. upon considering their delineation from an energy-based or a geologically-based perspective, both pursued from a geostatistical interpretation of available data. While both two methodologies rely upon geological data, like borehole and stratigraphic information, the former aims to identify the local aquifer bottom surface, and the latter considers only mostly permeable aquifer locations as suitable for being carved by a groundwater pathway. Both ways allow an in-depth understanding of the energetic and entropic behavior of such delineated pathways, consistent with other numerical, piezometric, and hydrogeological sources of information.