A seminar by: Benjamin Chauvin at ENSG, Nancy.
On: Friday, 22nd of July.
Summary: Mechanics-based restoration has been being used for the last 10 years and its advantages are valuable: recovery

of the paleo-geometries, deformation chronology, real 3D restoration, deformation mechanisms, oil maturation...

One of the main difficulties of this restoration method is the boundary condition setting. Even if some of them are

quite standard, there is no obvious set. In addition, recent works showed that the classical boundary conditions

used in mechanics-based restoration may have a lack of physical meaning [Lovely et al., 2012]. This seminar will

present a work on the restoration of an extensional analog model obtained in laboratory (data courtesy of C&C

Reservoirs and IFP). It corresponds to a sandbox model deformed using gravity. As the structural uncertainties are

very low and the forward deformation is known, my work consisted in restore this model and try to define and

validate the set of boundary conditions which may be applied on extensional models, in particular presenting a

basement of salt.