Image ChenauxEmpilesGoNURBS is a plugin developped for sedimentary objects modelling

GoNURBS includes:

  • a library of sedimentary objects, modelled with NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines). Such objects are grid-free and deformable [Ruiu et al, 2013] 
  • a method of semi-automatic image analysis permitting a quick and precise interpretation of sedimentary objects from a seismic published in the journal Interpretation in 2015 [Ruiu et al, 2015]
  • tools for a complete workflow of channelized system modeling respecting the geological concepts and integrating conditioning data which is under implementation and reflexion and has been presented in the 2015 Ring Meeting by Parquer et al (2015).

Main contributors : Jérémy Ruiu, Guillaume Rongier, Marion Parquer

Related papers : {publi2596}, A geostatistical approach to the simulation of stacked channels, Reconstruction of Channelized Systems Through a Conditioned Reverse Migration Method, Integration of channel meander abandonment age uncertainty into a stochastic channelized system reconstruction method, ...

Training link (sponsors only): Training on channelized systems modelling (v2018)

Permanent contact: Pauline Collon, Guillaume Caumon