KarstMod is a plugin developped for 3D karstic network simulations (2008-2012). It is available on the Gocad 2009.4 platform.

KarstMod includes:

  • tools for karstic network simulation, globally based on the A* approach described in the paper published in GSL by Collon et al. in 2012
  • the Object-Distance Based Simulation method (ODSIM) first proposed by Henrion et al. in 2010 and its updated version improved for simulation of karstic conduits proposed by Rongier et al. in 2014
  • tools for automated analysis of 3D networks, presented in the Gocad Meeting in 2012 and whose publication is under writing.

KarstMod was managed by Pauline Collon. For more information, contact her.