SCAR is an external library for generating, repairing, simplifying 2D structural models. SCAR means Simplification, Creation and Automatic Repair.

The main functionality of the SCAR library is the simplification and repair of geological models (available in 2D). But SCAR provides many useful utilities for 2D geological models: conversion of models from one file format to another one, generation of triangular meshes (need other external libraries), remeshing, computation of statistics on mesh quality and model complexity, ...

SCAR is a C++ external library with one main (and mandatory) dependancy: RINGMesh. Other dependancies are optional, depending on the features you want.

Simplification and Repair

From an input geological 2D model with topological or geometrical defects (e.g. non-conformities between geological features) and/or with complex areas that affect mesh quality, we propose a method to remove these invalidities and these complexities to get a valid model (i.e. that reach the prerequisites of meshing tools and physical simulators). The method implemented in SCAR is based on defintion of exclusion (or protecting) zones around geological lines which are computed from input constraints on model minimal sizes and angles between geological features.

Other utiities

  • Convert GeoModel2D and/or GeoModel3D to SKUA-GOCAD .pl and .ts, gmsh .msh.
  • Generation 2D triangular meshes for GeoModel2D using mmg2d library.
  • Remeshing of 2D or 3D triangular meshes [from Botsch and Kobbelt, SGP, 2004].
  • Cut meshes and GeoModels by isovalue of a property (MeshCut, projects initiated by Margaux Raguenel).
  • Compute statistics on triangular meshes (quality).
  • Compute statistics on GeoModels (complexity)
  • Small tools to clean, to add geological information on, to dilate (e.g. vertical exageration), to trim GeoModels.


Pierre Anquez


Automatic correction and simplification of geological maps and cross-sections for numerical simulations

Comparing Three DFN Simplification Strategies for Two-Phase Flow Applications

Impacts of geometric model simplifications on wave propagation—application to ground motion simulation in the lower Var valley basin (France)

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