KarstNSim is a Skua-GocadV19 plugin (on windows : VS2017 is required). The purpose of this plugin is to simulate 3D cave networks in a stochastic workflow, taking into account various input parameters with uncertainties. A particular focus is given on the ability for the user to easily control the morphometry of the networks. KarstNSim is primarily being developed by Augustin Gouy in the frame of his PhD thesis.

Image ChenauxEmpilesGoNURBS is a plugin developped for sedimentary objects modelling

KarstMod is a plugin developped for 3D karstic network simulations (2008-2012). It is available on the Gocad 2009.4 platform.

Image ConnectOConnectO is a plug-in for the SKUA-GOCAD software to simulate channelized systems and analyze categorical realization quality.

OM-MADE is an open-source progam written in Python v3. It is designed to simulate one-dimensional solute transport in multiple exchanging conduits and storage zones.

Karstnet is an open-source python3 project providing tools for the statistical analysis of karstic networks.