WeCo is a C++ and python library to find several sets of possible correlations between multiple wells. It builds on the Dynamic Time Warping algorithm to hierarchically correlate a set of stochastic correlations between wells or groups of wells. The code is designed to help stratigraphers formulate various sets of correlation rules based on the available informations along the wells (logs, facies, sequences, etc). 

WeCo is a new implementation of multi-well correlation previously available in the SCube plugin. As compared to SCube, which used a sequential well correlation method, WeCo is parallel and it uses the hierarchical correlation of groups of wells, as done in protein and DNA sequence alignment methods. Additionally, WeCo considers not just the best correlation, but the n-best correlations, which allows to consider uncertainties and increases the chance to efficiently get a globally optimal solution among the various correlations.


RING Meeting Paper

Marine and Petroleum Geology paper on the use of distality

Contact: Christophe Antoine, Guillaume Caumon, Paul Baville

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