structural modelingBuilding 3D geological surfaces from field data using implicit surfaces on tetrahedral meshes.

StructuralLab includes various interpolation contraints to create implicit structural surfaces from location data, orientation data, axial data about folds. It also implements a dip domains approach.

Since 2018, the main StructuralLab fonctionalities have been integrated in RingToolKit

A stand-alone open-source python implementation of the approach is also available in LoopStructural (Grose et al, 2021)

Main references:

Frank et al. (2007) 3D-reconstruction of complex geological interfaces from irregularly distributed and noisy point data

Caumon et al. (2013) 3D implicit stratigraphic model building from remote sensing data on tetrahedral meshes: theory and application to a regional model of La Popa Basin, NE Mexico