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The FAIStokes (Finite Element Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Implementation of Stokes) software was developped to do mechanical simulations of the subsurface while considering rocks as highly viscous fluids. In particular, its focus is placed on using creeping flow for the structural restoration of geological models.

The software uses a PIC (Particle-In-Cell) scheme: the material model is tracked through a swarm of particles, each representing a small portion of the volume, and the computation of the velocity at each time step is done on an adaptively refined grid. The grid also has ALE (Arbitray Lagrangian-Eulerian) features as it deforms to fit the topography.

The code is available on Github for sponsors. It depends on the open-source library deal.ii and on the RING libraries RINGpcl and RINGMesh.

Main developper:

Melchior Schuh-senlis

Related PhDs:

Melchior Schuh-senlis


Towards the application of Stokes flow equations to structural restoration simulations