dfn meshResearches on fractures led to the developement of several tools.

Here is an exhaustive list of modules and project developed at RING for Fracture Network characterization and stochastic simulation.


Contact: Francois Bonneau



OpenGeode based Tools:

OpenGeode-FractModel: Expands the OpenGeode data model to manage Fractures, Fracture Sets and Fracture Networks.


  • Characterization tools for natural fracture Networks:
    • Classical Characterization metrics.
    • Connectivity analyzer
    • Extract Marked Point process from fractured models.
  • Stochastic simulation rules for Discrete Fracture Network modeling
  • Validation and building tools to create fractured models


  • Stochastic simulation of Points and Segment Point Processes
  • First and Second order Characterization tools.

Trainings on OpenGeode based tools

Skua Gocad based Tools:

FractCar: Plugin for the Skua-Gocad software providing:

Trainings on FractCar 

They did their PhD about fractures at RING: