3D Restoration of  Harvard/Chevron Model [Muron, 2005]

RestorationLab is a research plugin which aims at removing deformations undergone by rocks to get the paleo-geometry of a geological model. It is a great tool able to perform 3D restoration on both implicit and explicit geological models.

Concretely it unfolds and removes the displacement due to the faults. It solves mechanics-based problem using finite element element and Dirichlet/Neumann boundary conditions. This plugin can also decompact a model after removal of a layer using classical porosity laws. Since Gocad 14 this plugin uses RINGMecha, therefore restoration can be applied independently to Gocad by command lines.

Contact : Benjamin Chauvin.


What you can do with RestorationLab:

  • Get the paleo-geometry of a geological model through time (backstripping).
  • Validate a deterministic model (geometrical and mechanics consistencies).
  • Evaluate the volumetric strain and stress in the model. Useful for fracture area detection.
  • Test different scenarii to handle uncertainties about the geometry of the model, the mechanical processes and the fault throw.
  • Evaluate the porosity in the past due to decompaction.