KarstNSim is a Skua-GocadV19 plugin (on windows : VS2017 is required). The purpose of this plugin is to simulate cave networks in 3D and in a stochastic workflow, taking into account various input parameters with uncertainties. A particular focus is given on the ability for the user to easily control the morphometry of the networks. KarstNSim is primarily being developed by Augustin Gouy in the frame of his PhD thesis.

KarstNSim has been the subject of a "proof of concept" publication by Gouy A., Collon P., Bailly-Comte V., Galin E., Antoine C., Thebault B., and Landrein P., 2024. KarstNSim: A graph-based method for 3D geologically-driven simulation of karst networks. Journal of Hydrology 632. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2024.130878. Concurrently with the publication, a standalone (independent of Skua-Gocad) and public version of the code has been created and is accessible on GitHub: https://github.com/ring-team/KarstNSim_Public.

It implements in the geomodeler the Karst simulation code proposed by Paris, A., Guérin, E., Peytavie, A., Collon, P., Galin, E., 2021. Synthesizing Geologically Coherent Cave Networks. Comput. Graph. Forum 40, 277–287. https://doi.org/10.1111/cgf.14420 which is available on Github at : https://github.com/aparis69/Karst-Synthesis. This implementation includes modifications as compared to this initial independant version, in order to better suit geological data and information.

The first version of KarstNSim was done in the frame of Benoit Thebault master's thesis, supervised by Pauline Collon. It was presented in the 2022 RINGMeeting in: Thebault, B., Collon, P., Antoine, C., Paris, A., Galin, E., 2022. Karstic network simulation with γ -graphs, in: 2022 RING Meeting.

Since 2022 summer, KarstNSim is developed in the frame of Augustin Gouy's PhD thesis, supervised by Pauline Collon and Vincent Bailly-Comte.

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Contact: Augustin Gouy 

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