VorteXLib is an external library for generating unstructured meshes conformal to 3D structural models.

Geological interfaces play a significant role in the subsurface physical behavior. Capturing the interface geometry with accuracy in the mesh is then important to reduce numerical errors and approximations. Unstructured meshes are more flexible to represent complex geometries. VorteXLib offers two workflows to generate unstructured meshes conformal to 3D geological models.

VorteXLib is a C++ external library with one main dependancy: RINGMesh, a free programming library for geological model meshes. It provides a documented API, to easily plug VorteXLib into any software and also executables to directly use it.


adaptive tetmesh


Adaptive tetrahedral meshing

Geological models often have areas very complex and areas where the complexity is lower. Hex-dominant meshingIn order to be able to capture all the geological complexity of the model, VorteXLib provides a worflow to generate an adaptive tetrahedral mesh. A 3D mesh size property is computed using different interpolation functions and then used to constrain the mesh generation.



Hex-dominant meshing

Starting from a tetrahedral mesh, VorteXLib also offers a hex-dominant meshing workflow using an algorithm to recombine tetrahedra togogether to generate a multi-element mesh made of hexahedra, prisms, pyramids and tetrahedra. The recombination algorithm is implemented in another external library: Vorpaline. VorteXLib adds constraints in this algoritm in order to keep all the geological complexity during the recombination.

(see : Indirect Unstructured Hex-dominant Mesh Generation Using Tetrahedra Recombination)