WebExporterLogoWebExporter is a Gocad plugin for exporting structural models into an HTML page. Webgl technology is used to render the structural mode within a web browser.

This method offer a simple and cross-platform way to broadcast 3D geological models. The obtained HTML page is based on Webgl ans ThreeJS Javascript libraries.

A similar functionality is implemented within the RINGMesh library.


Available 3D structural models:

  1. Corbieres - south of France
  2. Furfooz - Belgium
  3. Inceyol mini-basin, Sivas basin, Turkey (!15Mo)
  4. A 3d animated model of the Solar System (!12Mo)
  5. A 3D model from field data, Gars, SE France (From geomodeling class at ENSG. Best 2017 model, created by Louise, Antoine, Alexandre and Cécile from their field data).