SalterRING is a python module developed within the RING team. The aim of this module is to provide tools to jointly model hydrothermal alteration facies and the geological structures that govern fluid flow and hence the geometry of alteration facies.

Alteration facies modeling in SalterRING is based on an implicit, stochastic modeling approach. A pseudo scalar distance field P(d) is used to model alteration front boundaries. This distance field is generated using front propagation methods and a velocity field, considered as proxi of hydraulic conductivity. The velocity field is parameterized by generating geological objects using Boolean processes. Objects that can control the geometry of hydrothermal alteration (regional faults, unconformities, fractures, sedimentary geometries and petrophysical heterogeneities) are generated and tested via a Metropolis Hastings algorithm. Model quality is monitored via a misfit term to the input data. In this first version, calibration is mainly based on point data from boreholes, in particular alteration front limits.

This first version of SalterRing is being developed as part of Paul Marchal's thesis, supervised by Guillaume Caumon and Pauline Collon, and funded by Orano.

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See Ring Meeting Paper 2023 for more informations.